OSFM Modern Cloth Nappies
OSFM Modern Cloth Nappies

OSFM Modern Cloth Nappies

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Our uniquely designed OSFM nappy is a trim fitting, true one-size-fits-most pattern suitable for most children from approx 3kg through to toilet training approx 16-18kg, with 4 rise settings for a nappy that grows with your child.

With a Water-resistant outer layer of PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) or Laminated minky to keep the moisture contained inside the nappy and internally lined with soft suedecloth.

Although some red marks (pressure marks) are normal with cloth nappies, our back and leg elastics are made to prevent any nasty red marks occurring.

Our super soft inserts come with one long snake and one hourglass booster, both made with 3 layers of 400gsm bamboo and both are topped with a suedecloth stay-dry layer to wick away moisture from baby, keeping their skin dry. Our inserts also allow for versatile insert folding to make sure your child has the absorbency they need.


The Eco Kids Original designs are exclusive to our brand and are all hand illustrated designs by Australian women, these are limited edition prints and as we are a small handmade business - only a small amount are made.

As these MCN are handmade and not produced in a factory, there are times when there may be small imperfections - but each item handmade In Tasmania, with love!